Rules of Paper Digest

You must read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then agree to the entire documents before using the Service. To ease understanding we summarize the terms and the functions of the service below (note: some functions will be implemented in near future).

Function 1: digesting a paper

In order to generate the digest of a paper, the User has to agree with the following conditions [related to Article 10 (Ownership of Rights) of Terms and Condition]:
  • The Registered User hereby agrees not to exercise moral rights against the Provider or any other person who succeeded to the same from the Provider or a licensee thereof. Some Users may be concerned that the digest of their own paper does not entirely reflect the original content of the paper, and ask us to stop providing it. We understand this concern but feel such requests will stop the best use of open access papers. In case the Registered User is dissatisfied with the quality of the digest, we introduce Function 2.

Function 2: improving the quality of the digest by giving feedback by the Registered User

Currently, Paper Digest provides an “extraction-based summary” which selects key sentences verbatim from the original paper. However, the accuracy of the digest is not perfect. To improve our algorithm, we will offer a function that allows a User to modify the digest (in a similar way to how Google Translation is improved by users). The User must agree with the following conditions [related to Article 10 (Ownership of Rights) of Terms and Condition]:
  • The Registered User agrees that the feedback to improve the digest will be utilized by Paper Digest
  • If the Registered User is the author of the paper, he/she can provide the author credential digest. The Registered User needs to agree that the credential mark will be shown on the digest page.

Function 3: uploading and summarizing the PDF of a paywalled paper held by the Registered User

Publisher(s) and an organization the User belongs to have made a contract to subscribe to paywalled papers, thus allowing the User to read them. We have received requests from Users that they would like to summarize such paywalled papers. Therefore, we are planning to provide that service if users meet the following conditions [related to Article 8 (Prohibited Actions) of Terms of Use, as well as Privacy Policy:
  • The User has to register the name of the User, the name of the institution to which the User belongs, e-mail address (one with the domain of the organization), information obtained from ORCID API, and other information entered by the User into such form as specified by Paper Digest;
  • The Registered User has to agree that only the paywalled articles contracted by his/her organizations can be uploaded and summarized by Paper Digest.
  • The Registered User can "browse" the summary, but agrees not to provide or share the summary to any third party via email or SNS etc. (Note that Paper Digest does not store the information on the PDF on our server.)

Function 4: recommending digests that the Registered User is likely to be interested in

Analyzing the Registered Users’ usage of this Website is essential for us to recommend digests of papers that the User might be interested in. Therefore, it is necessary for Users to agree with the following conditions [Related to Article 16 (Treatment of User Information) of Terms and Condition, as well as Privacy Policy]. The Registered User permits the Provider to collect the following information:
  • ID registered in our service;
  • ID used by the User in outside services when such outside services get connected to our service after User authorization;
  • other information that the User has authorized the other service provider to disclose through its privacy settings in such outside services;
  • feedback provided;
  • terminal information;
  • log information; and
  • cookies and anonymous ID.
Prescribed on 2019-05-16
Revised on 2019-05-20